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  • Coder's Cat

    Coder's Cat

    http://coderscat.com Write stuff about programming languages, algorithms, and architecture.

  • Vedica Kant

    Vedica Kant

    Consultant | Historian of South Asia | Co-Editor of “Keeping Up With India”, a daily newsletter curating the most important Indian start-up news @vedicakant

  • Param Singh

    Param Singh

    UI Engineer at Swiggy, Ex-Flipkart. JS enthusiast. Cynophilist. GrammerNazi. Environmentalist

  • Brandon Morelli

    Brandon Morelli

    Creator of @codeburstio — Frequently posting web development tutorials & articles. Follow me on Twitter too: @BrandonMorelli

  • John Papa

    John Papa

    Husband, father, and Catholic enjoying every minute with my family. Disney fanatic, evangelist, HTML/CSS/JavaScript dev, speaker, and Pluralsight author.

  • Eric Elliott

    Eric Elliott

    Make some magic. #JavaScript

  • Pratik Chakravorty

    Pratik Chakravorty

    Software Developer with a passion for learning new things.

  • Vaidehi Joshi

    Vaidehi Joshi

    Writing words, writing code. Sometimes doing both at once.

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